Xur's fucked off

Xûr found in 34.318 seconds

On behalf of the WTFIX team I would like to personally welcome Starhorse. I know there is much we can learn from each other.

Public Xûrvice Announcement

We have a Discord bot that posts Xûr's location each week!

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Official Discord Bot

Want a handy bot in your Discord server that will post Xur's current location, with our Extremely Helpful™ Xur maps included for free? Now, you can add the official WTFIX Discord bot to your server, and get Xur's location via the built in "wtfix" command, or by setting an automatic update channel and having the bot post xur's location automatically the moment we find him.

Before you buy add

Just a heads up, this will be the first discord bot I've made added to more than 10 Discord servers at once, so I'm more than a little paranoid that it's going to immediately break. If you could, I would very much appreciate anyone who uses this bot to either follow me on twitter for updates on the bot as I change/improve/fix things, or at least join our Discord, and either way send a tweet/ping to @NotDisliked on either platform if things are broken. kthxheresthelinkbye.

Click me to add the Official WTFIX Discord Bot

How the fuck do I use this thing

It's real simple, there are three commands (the default prefix is !, but that can be changed with the prefix command).