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Lost Sectors


The Quarry

Exotic Arms



Exotic Legs


The Ordeal

The Disgraced

The Gun

The Palindrome, THE SWARM, Shadow Price

European Eclipsed Zone


Eventide Ruins

Tha Modz


  • Counterbalance Stock
  • Major Spec


  • Auto Rifle Loader
  • Radiant Light

The Spider

Big Fat Fallen

  • Enhancement Prisms
    400 Legendary Shards
  • Enhancement Cores
    30 Legendary Shards
  • Glimmer
    20 Spinmetal Leaves
  • Dusklight Shards
    5000 Glimmer
  • Datalattice
    5000 Glimmer
  • Baryon Boughs
    1 Legendary Shards
  • Glacial Starwort
    1 Legendary Shards
More Spider Deets


Welcome to the Patronizer, where our world famous RNG algorithm will pick and choose to perfectly craft a message that is guaranteed to be funny. This hour's message is...

Soren is sneezing uncontrollably.

What The Fuck is New?

  • Apparently Shadowkeep is over now and Beyond Light is out, who knew


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While it's true that we have a propensity for naughty curse words, we also have big hearts. In that spirit, we want to use our site traffic for the greater good, and one of those initiatives is to draw attention to charities and non-profits supported by members of our Discord community.

This week in light of sexual assault allegations concerning a certain MLB baseball player whose guts I fucking hate, check out Rainn.org and consider making a donation. If nothing else, click around the site to learn about what they do.