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Updated Friday, 01/18/2019

Solarian Clan Recruiting Drive

Calling all PC/PS4/XBOX Guardians! Looking for a thriving, active clan? The fantastic Solarian Clan is now recruiting! Save yourself from the horror and shame of raiding until 4 a.m (and not even finishing the raid) with a bunch of drunk LFG hillbillies and raid with your friends in a positive, active Destiny clan with an engaging, robust community. LEARN MORE

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He linked us so we link him. Thanks Gladd ❤


Dev friend of the site, and great resource for tracking yo shit. Looks fuckin gorgeous too.

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Our minimal-ish design too much for you? Don't want all this extra info? Xur Loc is just xur's location, that's it. (If you made this site come say hi in our Discord, we love it!)

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sellin' some planet mats

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