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WANTED Bounty Locations Guide

Planet > Fast Travel Point > Location [Cardinal Direction]

Updated 12/11. Resets 12/18.

Downpour Captain

EDZ > Winding Cove > The Weep Lost Sector

Tattered Dusk Captain

Nessus > Exodus Black > The Rift Lost Sector [W]

Sunless Captain

EDZ > Trostland > Terminus East Lost Sector [NE]

Zerz, The Unstoppable Weight

EDZ > Firebase Hades > Pathfinder's Crash Lost Sector [SE]

Mazan, Lost Captain

EDZ > Trostland > Widow's Walk Lost Sector (left of the church)


Titan > The Rig > Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector [N]

Ruined Mind

IO > The Rupture > Aphix Conduit Lost Sector [SE]

Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing

Io > The Rupture > Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector [E] (directly to the right of the Rupture landing zone)

Devourer Darg

EDZ > Sunken Isles > Skydock IV Lost Sector [Left of Echion Hold]


Nessus > Artifact's Edge > The Orrery Lost Sector [N]

Irxis Partisan

EDZ > The Gulch > [Random Spawn] (High Value Target)

Student of Beltrik

Nessus > Exodus Black [Random Spawn] (High Value Target)

Arcane Mind

Nessus > The Cistern [Random Spawn] (High Value Target)

The Eye in the Dark

Mars > Glacial Drift > Adventure Beacon (Weekly Bounty)