Xûr is gone...but MAYHEM IS BACK! Happy Dawning!

Xûr will return Friday at reset

Updated Tuesday, 12/11.


Listen up, ya plonkers! We're going to be doing some reorganzation around here, namely separating the game data (vendor info, nightfalls, etc) from the content (random junk, seasonal junk, podcast junk, junk junk) so that everything lives on its own page and is easier to navigate. This should make for a better user experience and leave you, the end user, with more time to pleasure yourself when your mom goes out for groceries. And I like that. Please be patient if you notice some things being shuffled around in the next month or so. We will also be folding in some additional vendor data. That being said, is there anything else you would like to see on wherethefuckisxur.com? Drop a note in the survey below. We're listening!

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Big Fat Fallen

sellin' some planet mats

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Frankie O'Daise

On this week's episode of "Three Words or Less" Dorkthrone reminisces on his lifelong search for Boston's elusive Frankie O'Daise and that time he heard some girl in Chicago screaming at her boyfriend about bologna. Frankie, are you out there? I've been waiting a long time to talk to you.

What The Fuck is New?

  • Active Nightfalls??? WOAH!!!!!!!!
  • New podcast (12/3/2018)