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Hey, speaking of which, did you know we have a Discord bot that posts Xûr's location each week?

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Cookie Recipes for Casuals

"The Dawning" event ends January 14th, 2020 so get baking!

Basic Ingredients

  • Chitin Powder: Hive
  • Cabal Oil: Cabal
  • Dark Ether Cane: Scorn
  • Ether Cane: Fallen
  • Taken Butter: Taken
  • Vex Milk: Vex

Rare Kill Ingredients

  • Bullet Spray: kills with automatic weapons
  • Delicious Explosions: explosive kills ('nades, rockets)
  • Electric Flavor: arc kills
  • Flash of Inspiration: generate orbs
  • Impossible Heat: solar kills
  • Null Taste: void kills
  • Personal Touch: melee kills
  • Perfect Taste: precision kills
  • Sharp Flavor: sword kills

2019 Recipes

  • Fractal Rolls

    Vex Milk + Pinch of Light > Brother Vance on Mercury

  • Thousand-Layer Cookie

    Taken Butter + Delicious Explosion > Riven in Last Wish (look for an itty bitty snowglobe in the room you drop down in)

  • Lavender Ribbon Cookies

    Vex Milk + Personal Touch > Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar He's not here yet, check back later

  • Fried Sha-Dough

    Dark Ether Cane + Superb Texture > Calus's Statue in the Tribute Hall

  • Hot Crossfire Buns

    Ether Cane + Balanced Flavors > Ada-1 in the Tower Annex

  • Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

    Chitin Powder + Finishing Touch > Eris Morn on the Moon

  • Hackberry Tart

    Cabal Oil + Multifaceted Flavors > Benedict 99-40 in the Tower Annex

2018 Recipes

  • Gjallardoodles

    Ether Cane + Delicious Explosion > Commander Zavala in the Tower Courtyard

  • Eliksni Birdseed

    Ether Cane + Personal Touch > Hawthorne in the Tower Bazaar

  • Traveler Donut Holes

    Cabal Oil + Flash of Inspiration > Ikora in the Tower Bazaar

  • Chocolate Ship Cookies

    Cabal Oil + Null Taste > Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar

  • Telemetry Tapioca

    Vex Milk + Bullet Spray > Banshee-44 in the Tower Courtyard

  • Vanilla Blades

    Cabal Oil + Sharp Flavor > Lord Shaxx in the Tower Courtyard

  • Strange Cookies

    Taken Butter + Electric Flavor > Xûr on (check the top of the page for his current location)

  • Gentleman’s Shortbread

    Ether Cane + Perfect Taste > Devrim Kay in the EDZ

  • Alkane Dragee Cookies

    Chitin Powder + Bullet Spray > Sloane on Titan

  • Infinite Forest Cake

    Vex Milk + Impossible Heat > Failsafe on Nessus

  • Radiolarian Pudding

    Vex Milk + Electric Flavor > Asher Mir on Io

  • Javelin Mooncake

    Chitin Powder + Sharp Flavor > Ana Bray on Mars

  • Candy Dead Ghosts

    Dark Ether Cane + Flash of Inspiration > The Spider in the Tangled Shore

  • Ill-Fortune Cookies

    Dark Ether Cane + Impossible Heat > Petra Venj in the Dreaming City

  • Dark Chocolate Motes

    Taken Butter + Null Taste > The Drifter in the Tower Annex