Xur's fucked off

I got fabled this week and I've run out of people to flex on, so now I'm flexing on you, the user

Public Xûrvice Announcement

Happy...EASTXÛR (fuck you that's funny)

Material Exchange

Purchase Enhancement Cores

Purchase Legendary Shards

Purchase Glimmer

Purchase Phaseglass

Purchase Dusklight Shards

Purchase Alkane Dust

Purchase Datalattice

Tangled Shore Bounties

Thin the Herd

Defeat enemies on the Tangled Shore.

Conquer the Conquerors

Defeat Cabal in Soriks's Cut.


Get 25 precision kills.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Defeat Hive in the Jetsam of Saturn.

Defend the Shore

Complete two public events on the Tangled Shore.

Orbital Drop

Generate Orbs of Light while on the Tangled Shore.

Lost in the Cut

Explore the Lost Sector Wolfship Turbine near Soriks's Cut on the Tangled Shore.

Wanted Bounties

WANTED: Silent Fang

Hunt down the wanted Silent Fang who escaped from the Prison of Elders.

WANTED: Tattered Dusk Captain

Hunt down a Prison of Elders escapee hiding out in the Rift on Nessus.

WANTED: Prince of Yul

Hunt down a Prison of Elders escapee in the Jetsam of Saturn on the Tangled Shore.

WANTED: Queenbreaker

Begin your hunt in Trostland in the EDZ.

WANTED: Dust-Choked Thrag

Hunt down a Prison of Elders escapee in Excavation Site XII in the EDZ.

WANTED: Phyzann, Drowned Captain

Begin your hunt in the Flooded Chasm in the EDZ.

WANTED: Golmuut

Begin your hunt at Cargo Bay 3 on Titan.

WANTED: Varghul, Fragment of Oryx

Begin your hunt in the Cavern of Souls in the EDZ.

WANTED: Devourer Darg

Begin your hunt in Skydock IV in the EDZ.

WANTED: Subterranean Mind

Begin your hunt in Pariah's Refuge on Mercury.

WANTED: Thyrdron

Begin your hunt at the Orrery on Nessus.

WANTED: Student of Beltrik

Begin your hunt near the Exodus Black on Nessus.

WANTED: Arcane Mind

Begin your hunt in the Cistern on Nessus.

WANTED: Splendid Mind

Begin your hunt in the Glade of Echoes on Nessus.