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Xûr found in 26.629 seconds

Wûr a mask!

Public Xûrvice Announcement

Hello. It is I, NotDisliked, the developer of the site and one half of the Where The Fuck Is Xur team. I have a Twitter. I would like it if you followed me. I want to interact with more people. This has been my best attempt at begging for clout. Thank you for your time.

Also, we have a Discord bot. It's pretty cool, and is still working. I'm not sure how, but I'll take it.

It's 2AM.


Vexing Revelations

Defeat Vex on Io.

Gunning for a Promotion

Complete public events on Io.

One Shot, One Kill

Get precision kills on Io.

Centrifugal Chamber

Defeat combatants on Io using Hand Cannons. Precision shots grant the most efficient progress.

Applied Physics

Defeat combatants on Io with abilities to study the Light's effects on creatures beneath a Pyramid.