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Xûr found in 218.044 seconds

Forecast for Grafton, WV: Cloudy and cooler with a shower in the area. High of 42°F

Public Xûrvice Announcement

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Nightmare Bounties

Additional Bounties

Obtain an additional random Nightmare bounty.

Courageous Strike

Defeat enemies with melee abilities in Nightmare Hunts.

Arc in the Night

Dispel Nightmares using Arc abilities.

Once a Life

Find the Lost Sector K1 Crew Quarters and dispel the Nightmare within.

Which Moon Is Haunted?

Defeat Nightmares in Lost Sectors on Io.

Nightmare Hunter

Defeat Nightmares in Nightmare Hunts.

Nightmare Sojourner

Defeat Nightmares across the solar system. Nightmares can be found in Lost Sectors on Titan, Io, Nessus, and the EDZ. Nightmares defeated on the Moon grant no progress.