Xur's fucked off

Xûr found in 164.808 seconds

Please take this very important Genshin Impact Xûrvey

Public Xûrvice Announcement

WTFIX bot is back in action sending autoposts.

pls follow me on twitter now that I can officially say that I have fixed 1 (one) bug.

I will never stop begging for clout.


Additional Bounties

Obtain an additional random Gambit bounty.


Send a small, a medium, and a large Blocker in Gambit.

Elite Executioner

Defeat challenging enemies in Gambit.

Lest It Stare Back

Use Void abilities to defeat enemies in Gambit. Defeated Guardians are worth extra points.

Envoy While It Lasts

Defeat Primeval envoys during Gambit matches.

On the Grind

Earn points by defeating enemies, defeating Guardians, and banking Motes.

Might of the Traveler

Earn points by casting Supers, defeating enemies with Supers, and creating Orbs of Light.