Xur's fucked off

Xûr found in 9.07 seconds

39 days until we get back on that RNG crack rock!

Public Xûrvice Announcement

We have a Discord bot that posts Xûr's location each week!

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Eris Morn

This guy so new we don't even have a description yet

Moon Bounties

Additional Bounties

Obtain an additional random bounty from Eris.

Lunar Defender

Complete public events on the Moon. Heroic public events contribute the most progress.

Element of Surprise

Using any Energy weapon, defeat combatants in streaks of 3 or more without taking damage in between.

Gun Runner

Using a Submachine Gun, rapidly defeat combatants in groups of 2 or more.

Final Termination

Use finishers to defeat Vex on the Moon.

Slow-Wave Disruption

Complete waves of Altars of Sorrow in Sorrow's Harbor.

Lunar Spelunker

Loot chests in 3 of the Moon's Lost Sectors.